How to submit your portfolio for a chance to sell with Rise Art?

All artists who submit to Rise Art are reviewed by our board of Insiders before being able to sell on the platform.

How to submit your work for review.

Artists applying to join Rise Art can have their work reviewed by our team of curators by emailing their CV and portfolio to As the  

Ready to submit?

Prepare your portfolio in advance to have the best chance of being accepted. Our curators will look at both your artwork and your supporting information.

Your application should include:

  • A portfolio of at least 6 artworks
  • A biography explaining your background, your ideas and your art.
  • A CV with your exhibition and education history.
  • Make sure your profile is coherent and consistent overall.

Want some more guidance on how to make your application shine? Get further tips here.

What happens after I’ve submitted my profile?

We’ll send you an email once our curators have made their decision. If you’re selected, you’ll be able to sell your work on Rise Art alongside our other established and emerging artists.

Unfortunately, due to the high number of submissions, we can’t give you feedback if you aren’t selected.

Are submissions open? 

Unfortunately, submissions are closed at the moment. We will update the submissions page as soon as they are open and we will announce it on our social media channels. So be sure to keep an eye out. In the meantime, if you would like us to keep your CV and portfolio on file for consideration when our submissions reopen, feel free to send both documents to 

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