Rise Art commission, fees, VAT and shipping

Rise Art is effectively an agent that connects artists with buyers. For supporting sales between the two, we charge a commission fee.

Commission, fees and VAT

  • Rise Art charges 40% commision on each sale.
  • Before commision, there is a payment charge of up to 3% to cover bank card/processing fees.
  • For non VAT registered sellers in the EU, the commission and payment charge are subject to UK Vat (20%) (Sellers outside the EU won’t be charged VAT).

Pricing example for an artwork selling for £100:

  • Artwork Sale Price: £100  
  • Payment Charge: £3.00  
  • VAT on Payment Charge: £0.60  
  • Remaining value before commission: £96.40
  • Rise Art Commission: £38.56  
  • VAT on Rise Art Commission: £7.71
  • Total Deduction: £49.87  
  • Seller Receipt: £50.13

(VAT is Chargeable to EU Sellers Only. Non EU residents and EU VAT registered artists outside the UK who have supplied Rise Art with a valid EU VAT number will not be charged this.)


  • Rise Art charges 50% commission on monthly rental fees.
  • Before commission, there is a payment charge of up to 3% to cover bank card/processing fees.


Ultimately, the customer pays for the shipping. As an artist, you’ll cover the cost initially, but we’ll reimburse you later. The shipping cost - which you’ll calculate using a bespoke shipping table -  is added on top of the artwork price.

It’s up to the artist to package their artwork and send it off via courier, either to the customer or to our framers. We’ll ask you for the tracking number so that we can handle all communications with the courier and the customer after that. 

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