Top tips to make your profile stand out in the submissions

Our Rise Art curators review many shortlisted artists and they’re looking for standout portfolios. If you do get the nod, you'll be able to start selling your work on Rise Art immediately. Here are some tips to give you the best chance.

Upload your strongest work.

Our curators will review the portfolio you submit to Rise Art. To give them a good sense of your work, upload at least 6 works (max 10) that are currently available for sale. Our hot tip: choose works with a consistent style.

You can view and update the artworks you’ve submitted under ‘My Artworks’ in the top right corner, under your profile.

Photograph your work.

Make your artwork shine by photographing your pieces well. Show our curators how much you value your work by taking the time to photograph it professionally (or as professionally as possible) for submission. Often it’s due to poor quality images that artists don’t get through the curator review.

We require that all images are shot directly from the centre of the image and cropped to the borders.

For more information on how to photograph your work click here.

Tell us the story behind your work.

Our curators will consider all the elements of your profile, including your educational background and any awards you’ve received, as well as details of previous exhibitions and notable collectors who hold your work.

But also add thorough descriptions of each artwork - both the technical details and the inspiration behind the piece. Give our curators some insight into your practice.

For more information on how to write a good artwork description click here.

Upload a killer biography.

Do you have new public or private collectors? Have you just had a big exhibition or shown with a gallery? Show off a bit. Include as much detail as possible in your bio and shout about your last five exhibitions and any prominent collections your artwork has been featured in.

Click on "My Artist Profile" under the My Settings Sidebar to get started.

For more information on how to update your biography click here.

Update your profile photo.

As tempting as it might be to upload a rocking selfie, try to find a strong, clear image of yourself. Think LinkedIn.

Change your profile picture by logging into your channel and going to ‘My Settings’, beneath your name top right.

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