How to create a profile and upload works

Ready to create your artist profile and start uploading works? Follow the steps below. It's important to spend the time making your profile and artworks shine. If you spend the time now it will pay off later down the line. Artists with a well-written bio, their exhibitions listed and strong images of their artworks stand a better chance of being selected.  

1. If you don't already have an account with us go onto the Rise Art homepage click 'Sign up' and then input an email address and  password (if you already have an account with us but haven't yet uploaded any artworks go straight to step 5). 

2. You'll then be asked to choose some of your  favourite  artwork styles and artworks. 
3. After you've picked our your favourites, you'll then be taken to the below page where you'll need click 'browse art' 

4. You'll be taken to our shop page
5. In the drop-down menu on the top right-hand side of the navigation bar click 'submit your art'

6. Scroll down the page and click on the button titled 'start uploading your artwork'

7. You'll then be asked to upload your first artwork. Upload an image of your piece (read our  image guidelines if you have any questions), fill in all the information, agree to the terms and click 'Submit Artwork'.

8. You'll then be asked to make a thumbnail of your image. 

9. You can then 'upload more art' or 'continue to profile'. We'd suggest uploading more artwork as you'll need at least 6 pieces on your page in order to be reviewed. 

10. Copy the above steps (step 7 - 9) and upload each artwork. 

11. Once you've uploaded all your artworks click on 'continue to profile'

12. Upload a profile picture and fill in all your details (we recommend you upload your profile picture before filling in your details as if you do it the other way around the details may delete). 

13. Shout about all the amazing things you've achieved and fill in your exhibition history, degree, awards etc. After you've filled in all the information click 'save and continue'

14. You'll then be asked to Pay to Enter. Don't forget you need to pay £30 in order to have your work reviewed so click 'Pay to Enter' to be taken through the payment steps. 

15. If you're not ready to pay yet you can go back to your artwork by going into the drop down menu at the top right hand side of the page and clicking 'My Artwork' 

16. Here you can access all your settings, upload more art and sort (re-order) your artworks.

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