How to add the Rise Art widget to my website

We’ve made a handy Widget to help promote your Rise Art page. You can easily install it on your website or blog. You can even showcase your work inside the Widget… It comes in a variety of sizes and shapes - and it’s totally customisable.

Install the Widget in 3 easy steps:

  1. Login to Rise Art and go to the ‘My Settings’ tab (shown below). You’ll notice a section called Widget. Click on it. 

  1. You’ll see a set of instructions on how to install the Widget. Choose from custom sizes, shapes and styles.
  2. Click ‘Get Code’. This will generate a section of HTML code that you can add to your website. Don’t freak out. Copy the code, go to your website editor and paste the HTML anywhere on your page.

Confused? Email us at and we'll walk you through it.

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