Limited Editions and Artist's Proofs

Limited Editions

Many artists choose to print a restricted number of a particular artwork. This is known as a limited edition. For example, if a print is in an edition of 100, the artist can produce no more than 100 prints.

Due to their finite number, limited edition prints are higher in value than open edition prints which can be endlessly reproduced.

Most artists will note the print number of an edition in the corner or on the back of the work. The editions are not always numbered in the order that they’re printed so the print number will not affect the artwork’s value.

The edition size can be found underneath the artwork’s title on the product page.

Artist’s Proofs

An artist’s proof is a print produced in the trial stages of the printing process. The proofs are created to check that the printing procedure is successful - a tradition that originated when all editions were hand-pulled from a lithograph press. They're a special subset of the regular edition and are seen to be closer to the artist’s hand as they’re usually the first works to be printed.

Multiple artist’s proofs can be created and will be numbered similarly to the regular prints. For instance, AP 1/3 is the first proof out of the 3 that were produced. All artist's proofs are outside the main edition.

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