We have a global community of both artists and collectors. For artworks being shipped internationally, you may need to pay customs and/or import fees in order for the work to be released for delivery. 

Customs duties and import fees aren’t included at the checkout, as they’re set by the artwork’s destination country and are charged directly by the country’s customs office. In most cases, either the customs office or the courier will be in touch with you if any fees are due. We’ll keep an eye on your tracking too, so we're able to help with customs if needed. It’s worth noting that in the case of returns, any customs or import charges you’ve paid are non-refundable.

Customs duties and import fees vary from country to country. We’ve included customs details on our most popular delivery destinations below. For other countries, or for more information, you can contact your local customs department directly to find out details specific to your delivery country. 

United Kingdom

VAT for artworks being imported into the UK is charged at 5% of the declared value of the artwork. This includes artworks imported into the UK from the EU. Customs duty is not applied to artworks entering the UK.


Customs duty for artworks being imported into Europe is charged at between 4-20% of the declared value of the artwork, depending on your country. Contact your country’s customs office for more details. Intra-EU orders are excluded from customs duties.

United States

For artworks valued up to $2,500 being imported into the US, you won’t need to pay customs duties. For artworks over $2,500, a specialist broker will need to process the artwork through customs clearance. In this case, a minimal fee is due.


Customs duty for artworks being imported into Australia is charged at 10% of the declared value of the artwork.

You can find out where your artwork will ship from under the Artwork Details section on the product page. 

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