All of our artworks are packaged securely in appropriate packaging. This can vary depending on the type of artwork you have purchased.

Unframed Limited Edition Prints and Artworks on Paper

Limited edition prints and original artworks on paper are typically packaged and shipped in one of two ways:

  1. Rolled inside a heavy-duty art tube. We advise our artists to ship the artwork rolled with a sheet of acid-free paper to protect it.
  2. Flat-packed. This means the work is shipped flat, sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard or thin MDF board. The artwork would normally be protected with additional sheets of acid-free paper.

Unstretched Canvases

Unstretched canvases are usually shipped rolled in a heavy-duty art tube. This keeps shipping costs low, particularly when shipping internationally. 

If you’d like your canvas to arrive with you ready to hang, you can have it stretched with us. View our guide to framing canvases for more information.

Stretched Canvases and Framed Works

Bulkier artworks, such as stretched canvases and framed artworks, are typically shipped in either a heavy-duty cardboard box or a wooden crate, depending on their destination. Before being placed in either, cardboard corners are placed on the artwork and then wrapped in layers of padding for additional protection in transit.

For deliveries within London of artwork framed by us, our framers hand-deliver. In this case, the artwork is soft-packed only with cardboard corners and padding. No more is necessary, as the artwork is being expertly handled and delivered directly to your door.

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