How does renting art work?

We know that nothing beats seeing art in person, and our unique art rentals offering allows you to do just that! When you have found the perfect piece, simply click on the "Rent this artwork" icon. You'll be billed at a monthly rate, and can cancel anytime. 

Rental options on Rise Art - Simply click on the Rent this artwork button

If you love it, you can continue to rent the art or buy it. We'll even credit 100% of your first month rental and 50% of each month from then onwards towards purchase. 

Each art rental comes framed and ready to hang. 

For rentals of artwork over £2,000 our Operations team may contact you for an additional credit check and they may ask you to sign a rental agreement. 

Don't see the rental option on the artwork you wish to rent? Due to the size, weight or location of some of the artworks, rental may not always be available. If you have questions, you can contact us at anytime, and we'd be happy to help.

Learn more in our Rentals FAQ

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