Framing Options

Our Standard Frame

The three colours of frame we offer are black, white, and walnut. Each frame is made of high-quality Ayous, an exotic hardwood. The frames are stained or painted for a finish that showcases the grain of the wood.

These are our standard dimensions:

  • Moulding (the wooden surround) - 20mm wide by 30mm deep. For oversized works, a wider moulding would be used to best support the size of the frame.
  • Spacer (the space between the artwork and the glazing) - 6 to 12mm for a float mount and no spacer for a window mount (the mount sits flush against the glazing).
  • Mount (the border around the artwork that meets the edge of the moulding)  - 50mm to 75mm wide.  For very large works we might use a smaller mount.
  • Acrylic glazing - Standard 1.5 or 3 mm thickness.


A mount (or mat in American English) is a thin card layer that sets an artwork within a frame. Its main role is to protect the artwork by separating it from the frame and glazing, but it has the additional purpose of enhancing the artwork.

We use two types of mounts: float mounts and window mounts. We’ll choose the one that we think suits your artwork best, and use white as standard. If you have a preference though, just let us know.

Float mounting 

The artwork is fixed to the backing board with acid-free tape, creating the illusion that it’s floating within the frame. Float mounting looks great for artworks on paper with interesting edges.

Window mounting 

The artwork is placed behind a window cut into a mount board. This option suits photographs and prints with a white border.

All of our mounting options are made using archival standard, acid-free mount board and tape. This is also referred to as conservation framing as the materials used will help to preserve the condition of the artwork. 

Each mount is made-to-measure by our framers so that it fits your artwork perfectly.


We mostly use acrylic glazing instead of glass as acrylic is lighter and more durable, meaning it’s less likely to break. That said, if you’d prefer to frame with glass we can make arrangements. 

We can also offer UV-protective and anti-reflective acrylic or glass. For more information or to get a quote, drop us an email at

Custom Framing

We offer custom framing options on request. To order a bespoke frame outside of our standard specifications, or to discuss the options, email

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