What framing services do you offer?

Can I get an artwork framed through Rise Art?

We can arrange framing for most artworks on the site. What's great about this is that your artwork will arrive ready to hang. Convenient right? You wouldn't want a print rolled up under your bed for months because you don't have time to investigate other framing options.

Our framing is top quality, and we're not just saying that. The materials we use meet archival standards i.e. the type of framing you'd see in a museum or public gallery.

How long does it take to frame an artwork?

Once you have placed your order, the artist of your newly acquired artwork will send it to our framers. Generally, artists ship the work to the framers within 2 working days. 

Once the framers have received the artwork, they start producing the frame by hand. This can take up to 5 working days as all frames are bespoke. The art will then be securely packed up and picked up for delivery or hand delivered by the framers themselves. 

Usually, this process takes about 10-14 days from the moment of ordering to delivery at your doorstep. We will keep you up to date on the status of your order at all times.

What frames do you offer? 

The three colours of frame we offer are black, white, and walnut. Each frame is made of high-quality Ayous, an exotic hardwood. The frames are stained for a finish that showcases the grain of the wood.

Are you able to offer frames other than those displayed on the website?

We offer unique framing options on request, for example float mounting or a gilded frame. To order a bespoke frame or talk through the options, give us a call on 020 6829 1525.

What kind of mounting is available?

In the framing industry, a mount (or mat in American English) is a thin, flat piece of paper-based material included within a picture frame. It can serve to enhance the artwork but its main role is to protect the art by separating it from the frame. We use two types of mounting: float mounts (we tape the work to the back, so it looks like it is floating over – this looks great for items with interesting paper and edges) and window mounts (we create a window from which the work appears – great for photographs and prints with a white border). We choose the one that we think suits your artwork best, and use white as standard. If you have a preference though, just let us know.

Float mount (L) and window mount (R)

Do the frames come with glass?

We mostly use acrylic glazing instead of glass. Acrylic looks just as good and it’s less breakable. That said, if you’re set on glass we can make arrangements. Also, if you’d like UV/anti-reflective acrylic or glass, let us know and we’ll make it happen.

Which is acrylic and which is glass? We can’t tell either.  

Do you frame canvases?

Yes, we offer two options for framing canvases as standard.

The first option is to have the canvas stretched, the process of mounting the canvas onto a wooden frame. A stretched canvas is ready to hang without a frame and celebrates the artwork with a simple finish. If the canvas you are purchasing is already stretched it will be listed as 'ready to hang' in the details at the bottom of the artwork page. 

For an alternative finish, the standard frame we offer for stretched canvases is a tray frame. Tray frames are great for a smart and minimalist look as shown on the left below. 

Stretched with a tray frame (L) Stretched only (R)

Can I get a rented artwork framed?

Absolutely, we frame rented works the same way we’d frame a sold item. This means that the artwork will arrive ready to hang, so it can go straight up on the wall - no hassles. Please note that we frame prints and paintings that are on paper -  rented canvases will arrive stretched.

Want to know more?

For those interested in the nitty gritty, these are our standard dimensions :

  • Moulding - 27mm wide by 42mm deep.
  • Spacer (this is the space between the artwork and the glazing) - 6 to 12mm for a float mount and no spacer for a window mount (the mount sits flush against the glazing).
  • Mount (this is the border around the artwork that meets the edge of the moulding)  - 50mm to 75mm wide.  For very large works we might use a smaller mount.
  • Acrylic glazing - Standard 1.5 or 3 mm thickness.

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